Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Doodling is Good For Me!

I hope your summer has been relaxing and enjoyable! I also hope that you haven't completely neglected your brain or body and have taken on some challenges or creative endeavors. If you haven't, you still have a little bit of time {and might I suggest going up to the Akron Art Museum and checking out the El Anatsui Grace and Gravity exhibit running through October 7.}

Of course, we all want summer to last just a little bit longer, but it is hard to deny that soon we will be getting back in the the routine of school, homework, and studying.

So, before I forget I wanted to share this video with you about the positive impact doodling has on human learning...

Take care and I will see you all next month!


  1. This is very cool, I never thought that even adults doodle. I also didnt know that doodling was actually good for everyone.

    Gabi S

  2. I agree that doodling is important because it helps me think. The best thing is that the only person who has to understand my doodles is me.

    Denton K. - Period 8

  3. That is very cool! I didn't know doodling took such an impact. I also thought there were only three learning techniques ,visual,auditory,and kinsthetic. I didn't know there was also reading and writing! I also know the Yankee doodle song!
    Alaina period 4

  4. I love this picture because it has very pretty water and and apretty sunset behind it!
    Makenna D. -period 4