Tuesday, March 20, 2012

8th Graders who participated in the 2012 Washington D.C. trip,

The NCMS Art Department is hosting a DC inspired photography contest!

While in DC, using your digital or film camera (no cellphone images accepted), take photos that fall under the following categories:

Most Patriotic
Most Historic
Most Artistic
Most Humorous
School Spirit

Points will be rewarded for creativity & style! Photographs can be in color or black & white.

You can submit ONE image per catergory & share them via e-mail to puccia@northcantonschools.org (film can be dropped off in the main office for art teachers mailbox). The deadline is Thursday, April 5, 8pm.

Make sure each file is clearly saved at it's full size with your FULL NAME, TITLE, & CATEGORY.
For example: MrsVillersUntitledMostPatriotic.jpg

There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in each category. 
Winners will be announced when we return from Spring Break on April 3.

Winning photos will be displayed in the school and online at the North Canton Patch.


  1. I can't wait to go to DC next year it seams pretty cool and interesting. I hope that the photo contest will go on next year too. These 2 pictures people sent in are really beautiful!
    Rachel B. Period 2

  2. These pictures are very interesting. I like how in the first one the sun reflects on the water. I can't wait to go to D.C next year!
    Emma V.
    Period 2

  3. These pictures are really cool, and some look professorial. I can't wait to go to DC next year! Hopefully the picture contest will happen next year too!
    Collin E.
    Period 2

  4. I like how in the 1st one the sun reflects off of the wateer in the middle of it and how there are little things of water shooting up all around it.
    Nick W.
    Period 3

  5. I bet DC next year is going to be sooo cool!!! I can't wait to do the pictures, I love taking them. It would be really cool to win. It's very interesting.
    Courtney D. Period 4