Thursday, September 1, 2011

Insightful Thoughts

Today, I gave students some time to critically think and write about the work of Swoon. Here are some of the insightful things our students wrote:

"The mood depends on the picture, like the boy looks like he's sad or waiting for someone, the couple looks very happy, and the mermaid skeleton is happy and sad because mermaids are peaceful but the skeleton is depressing, sad, and full of death."

"I like this because she makes art out of and on almost anything, and that really stood out to me."

"She inspires me to give things a new perspective and a new view of things. She take the normal way people perceive things and changes it totally."

"I like it because it is in a bad location but mixes it with good art. It stands out in a place you wouldn't expect."

"There is nothing in the work of art that I don't like because it includes so much detail that it explains everything about it for me."

"I see a macabre looking mermaid which I find eye-catching. I love the organic and technical feel of the piece."

{Swoon in the Bushes, photo by redboy}

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