Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Introduction to Salvador Dali

The seventh grade art classes are going to be exploring the world of Surrealism next. 

In preparation we did a little value study where students individually worked on what seemed like an abstract black and white drawing. Once we hung them up, though, we realized it made something totally unexpected... Salvador Dali!

Dali found inspiration in his dreams and created works of art that played with the viewers' mind. He was very eccentric and a little bit crazy! In fact, he carried around a live ocelot {a wild cat}and he believed that he could receive messages from aliens through his moustache like an antenna!

His most recognized work of art is The Persistence of Memory painted in 1931.

Today's Extra Credit Question of the Week was even about Dali and his moustache.
What special powers did Dali's moustache have?

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  1. i think he is a very talented artist i get how he speaks in his work
    Meghann H