Monday, January 21, 2013

Posterized Celebrity Portraits {7th Grade - 2D}

During the previous 9 weeks, the seventh graders completed some VERY impressive portraits of their favorite celebrities. I was not only impressed by the level of involvement and craftsmanship, but also the range of idols chosen.

Bill Murray, Jim Carrey, Russel Brand, Bernie Mac, and Adam Sandler represented the comedians. David Tennant and Harrison Ford for our Sci-Fi fans. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson for the Hunger Games fanatics. Plus a lot of other musicians, athletes, and programmers.


  1. These portraits are wonderful. Would you mind explaining how the students completed the project. Did you use a website? Please share. Thanks!

  2. I really like the Josh Hutcherson portrait. I like it because the two shades of pink in the background make his face and espically his eyes pop out. Also the detail in the sleave on his jacket is really good!
    Alexis G.