Friday, January 13, 2012

North Canton Middle School 8th Graders Make Progress On Bottle Tree

A little bit behind...but... original article can be found on North Canton Patch.


North Canton Middle School eighth grade art students are in the process of painting the recycled bottles that will eventually adorn a bottle tree that will be located in the courtyard. They have been working hard at creating a sculpture that will inform our community of the impact humans have on the environment.

After we cleaned, prepped, primed and divvied out 50 glass bottles, students began production. They were encouraged to focus on an environmental issue that they felt most passionate about. They brainstormed ideas in their sketchbook and transferred their final idea onto a bottle. These bottles were donated by community members and Gervasi Vineyard & Italian Bistro and we have been excited to see a second life transform out of these everyday objects as they are upcycled into art.

During this past week, they have spent time drawing and painting their designs. These illustrations have ranged in topics from pollution, littering, recycling and deforestation, among others. They are totally focused on the project at hand and are creating some really amazing works of art with a very important message.

It has been exciting for me because I overhear discussion about these environmental topics as students work independently. I’ve noticed things like the recycling bin filling up faster than normal, water being turned off when it’s not in use and concern for some of the materials we occasionally use in the art room like the aerosol cans.

And students are eager to display their work for others to see! (And trust me, this is huge! I so often hear “Please Mrs. Villers, do NOT hang this one up.)

They keep asking me, “When will this be put outside? Do we even have a tree yet?”

And I keep telling them, “I’m working on it.”

Because while I was able to acquire enough rebar through donation from local business, Knoch Corporation, I have yet to find anyone who has the materials, skills and time to tack weld the tree together.

We are hoping that still someone might be able to donate their time to do this. Or, at the very least, I will have to teach myself a new skill!


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  2. I love the colors on the bottles! I also like the recycling part of the bottles. It is a good way to save our environment! Great job eight graders!!!!

    Emma S. Period 2