Monday, December 5, 2011

Student Work: Functional Clay Mugs

Sometimes teachers have a hard time doing the same art projects year to year, so when it came to working with clay, I was at a loss of ideas. I got the inspiration for this project from fellow art teacher Mrs. Leban because I loved how her students finished pieces looked. So, with the 8th graders, I decided to do a ceramics lesson that was a functional clay mug inspired by a favorite book, magazine, or literary genre.

 Students celebrated the completion of their ceramics project by heading down to the library for a hot chocolate party. Some students chose to sit down with a good book and read, while others used their time to catch up with friends. The assistant principal, Mr. Capper, even stopped down to see what our students had created!


 The guys enjoyed themselves! (It was also Freaky Friday, note Mr. Capper's attire & Michael's glasses.)

Miss Burley, our schools librarian, was nice enough to let us display our finished mugs next to our favorite books & magazines!


Although, I have a strong animosity towards Mr. James, I was very impressed with the amount of detail put into Derrick's mug. Overall, EVERY student did a really nice job with these! Just check out the fun details in each one of them!


  1. How cute! These clay/ceramic mugs are really lovely. I can't believe that students made all these. Inspiring!

  2. The students are talented and skilled. All the mugs are beautiful.

  3. I love these mugs! I like how they represent a book! I think that is so cool! I also enjoy the creativity in themes that each cup has!!!

    Emma S. Period 2

  4. These cups are really good. The colors used are very vibrant and make some of the other colors pop. My favorite is the Lebron James one becuse I like the handle because it was like an arm!! I also liked how the cup kinda told what the story was about!!
    Alexis G Period 6