Friday, October 7, 2011

Insightful Thoughts #2

Earlier in the week I gave students some time to critically think and write about the work of Kehinde Wiley. Here are some of the insightful things our students wrote:

"When I see his artwork I see many different styles. ...his paintings are both serious and exciting."

"His artwork takes a new view on older paintings. ...his work makes me feel optimistic."

"I like in his artwork how he uses African-America people in famous poses to show they are just as equal as everyone else."

"I think the mood is kind of heroic because of the position of the horse and poses."

Students, if you did not receive the grade you would have liked on this assignment, use the comments for extra credit.


  1. I like his work because it takes normal people and makes them look famous. It shows that everyone is equal.
    Zane G Period 7

  2. I think he has a great sense of thought taking "normal" people and making them feel like they are powerful!
    Lily B. pd 4

  3. His art work is very colorfull, and very detailed. In his work you can tell that it is about a war, because the people are wearing army suits.

    Alissa W. pd:7th